Cartography and Map Design

Instructor: Patrick Jankanish, King County GIS Center | Senior Cartographer – Seattle, WA

An effective map portrays a place, delivers a message, or reveals a pattern with representational accuracy and visual clarity. How to make that happen is the subject of this workshop, which gives GIS practitioners the practical information and techniques needed to create effective, successful maps in any display medium.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the core principles involved in the academic discipline of cartography, and in the practical communication of spatial information via maps.
  • To become familiar with the types of information that maps can contain and how each of those types of information can be symbolized effectively.
  • To acquire a logical  and thorough process for developing a map from concept through design and construction to delivery to its intended audience.
  • To gain additional insights into map design principles via map critique.
  • To experience the map development process first-hand by putting principles into action in a culminating workshop exercise.

Intended Audience: This workshop is designed for individuals who are new to GIS and mapmaking, and for experienced GIS analysts who have not had specific training in cartography but need to create maps to support GIS data analysis and display. It will also be useful for GIS managers who wish to understand how to supervise cartographic projects effectively.

Preparing for the GISP Certification

Instructor: Tripp Corbin, eGIS Associates | CEO – Dacula, GA

The GISP has become a respected and in-demand indication of your skills as a GIS professional. If you are pursuing the GISP credential, or are thinking of doing so, join us for this full-day workshop, as a group of GIS experts share valuable information that can increase your chance of success. Earning the GISP credential requires successfully completing an exam as well as several other application requirements.

The first part of the workshop will explore the reasons that the GISP credential is worth pursuing as well as what is involved in completing each part of the application.  Then, we will explore the topics that you need to be familiar with for each of the knowledge areas covered by the GISP exam. Information presented in this workshop is designed to help professionals who have extensive GIS education and experience but need to know what topics to review prior to taking the exam.   It also will help individuals with some GIS experience that may be lacking in one or more areas covered by the exam and that need to know where to find additional resources to study.

This workshop will help you assess your knowledge of the content, sort out what is and is not covered on the exam, identify content areas you need to focus on, and even rediscover the joys of test-taking.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the GISP Certification
  • Difference between Certification, Certificate, and Licensure
  • How to complete the portfolio
  • General tips for passing certification examine
  • Brief reviews of key knowledge areas which are included on the exam

Intended Audience: For anyone interested in obtaining their GISP Certification.

Embracing the Parcel Fabric

Instructor: Kent Rothrock, Highland Mapping Inc. | Senior Project Manager – Banner Elk, NC
Artie Robinson and Todd Willems, Bruce Harris and Associates

Description / Topics:  This workshop will offer an exploration of the Esri Parcel Fabric Land Records data model. Topics include a discussion of the specifics of the Parcel Fabric Dataset, how it differs from editing using the Esri Topology Data Model, the data conversion process, and various strategies for editing Land Records data using the Fabric and ensuring success with building competency with joining techniques. The format of the workshop will be lecture and demonstration.

Intended Audience: Local government managers, tax assessors, land records staff interested in the next generation parcel data model from Esri.

An Overview of Open Source GIS Software

Instructor: Sara Yurman, Spatial Focus LLC | Principal – Avondale Estates, GA

Free and open source software (FOSS) has been offering choices to computer users for a number of years. This workshop offers a quick dip into open source, focusing on the use of a common suite of GIS open source software. Both technical and management discussions of open source development will be accompanied by a series of exercises that start with freshly installed software and progresses through creating a spatial database for use by a work group, along with examples of data analysis and web publication.

Participants are invited to bring their own laptops and follow along with the step-by-step instructions. The workshop ends with an overview of a wide variety of open source software packages that can extend the capabilities explored in the exercises.

Exercises Include:

  • Using QGIS
  • Using PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Reading from web services
  • Publishing data as web services
  • Creating a web map in GeoServer

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in free and open source geographic information system software. The workshop will suit both managerial and technical needs and it does not require any prerequisites.